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200C Desktop Hot Air Oven

200C Desktop Hot Air Oven

  • 200°C Desktop Dry Ovens are used to dry or temper electronic components,material tests,torrefaction, wax-melting ,high temperature aging ,preheating and sterilization in industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories and scientific research institutes.

    Climatest Symor® Hot Air Dry Oven temperature control is RT+10 °C ~ +200 °C, capacities range from 20L to 200L

    1.LCD controller
    2.Temperature record printer
    3.RS485/RS232 port and communication software 
    4.Φ25mm test hole 

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  • . The outer shell is made by reinforced steel plate with paint spraying;the working chamber is made by anti-corrosion stainless steel sus#304.
    . Intelligent temperature controller with PID control,digital temperature display,timing range within 0~9999min and over-temperature alarm.
    . Hot air circulation system is composed of Germany imported low-noisy air blower and optimal air duct which can ensure uniform temperature distribution inside working chamber.
    . Double layer glass door,larger transparent viewing window to observe specimen.
    . Forced air convection.the heating power can be adjusted.


  • . 30 Steps Programmable temperature controller     
    . Temperature record printer           
    . RS485 port and communication  

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