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Latest News

Air forced electric dry oven

Desktop drying oven can be used in laboratory or industrial settings for a variety of tasks including evaporation, sterilization, temperature testing, and for incubating temperature sensitive experiments.
Drying is a delicate process as drying too fast, too slow, or unevenly can ruin an otherwise perfect process. There are many different types of drying ovens for different needs. A basic double wall utility drying oven is not much different from the oven you use in your home kitchen. Gravity convection or forced air convection drying ovens provide a greater degree of evenness, control of temperature, rapid drying capabilities, and many newer models are programmable.
Drying ovens with a maximum temperature of 200C-400C,In addition, drying ovens are also available in a wide range of sizes, from a small bench top drying oven to a room-sized, walk-in drying oven.
Dry oven can temper electronic components,material tests,torrefaction, wax-melting ,high temperature aging ,preheating and sterilization in industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories and scientific research institutes.

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