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Latest News

Laboratory Safety Problems and Solutions(1/4)

This year, laboratory accidents frequently happen. The best way to prevent accidents is to learn lessons and summarize experience. so what are the safety issues currently in most laboratories? What are the solutions to these issues?

Technical problems:

1. Planning and design laboratory consideration are not enough, resulting in safety risk 

The safety requirements of facilities and equipment are not taken into account,and there are loopholes in engineering design, including improper matching between people and machinery and working environment. It has caused a hidden danger of safety.

2. Install the protective door and window, block the exit passageway

In recent years, more valuable experimental instruments and equipment have been increased in the laboratory,In order to prevent these equipment from being stolen, many laboratories have generally installed protective windows and added fully closed metal doors. Once the accident occurs, because the passage is seriously blocked, the escape is not smooth, the consequences are unthinkable.

3. The safety facilities are old and backward

There is a serious shortage of the safety funds of the laboratory, first, the fire protection facilities are not equipped enough, and many existing facilities can not be used because too old. According to the regulations, the laboratory should be equipped with fixed fire extinguishing system or mobile fire fighting equipment, but it is not equipped or equipped in small quantity because lack funds. Second, the laboratory room is tense. Some items that need to be stored separately cannot be stored separately, and the safe operating distance of some equipment is not enough. Third, environmental protection facilities can not meet the requirements. Some laboratories that may produce toxic gases are not equipped with ventilation systems and are only replaced by exhaust fans; some waste water that should be treated before discharge,but is discharged freely because of imperfect facilities; some solid wastes are not treated in accordance with national standards and are transported as general waste, causing hidden dangers to social safety. Fourth, the lack of emergency power supply system. Some laboratory equipment can not be suddenly cut off when in use, otherwise it will cause equipment damage or even scrap, but because of lack of funds, it is not equipped with emergency power supply system or double loop power supply system. Fifth, many colleges and universities have not established a modern laboratory monitoring system because of the financial problems, and can not effectively do a good job of the "four defense" work.

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