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How can the nitrogen cabinet achieve a very good anti - oxidation effect?

How can the nitrogen cabinet play a better anti-oxidization role? it is necessary to understand some of the factors involved first.

The presence of oxygen is essential for oxidation. However, what is unknown to most people, is that water vapor acts as a catalyst throughout the oxidation process. In the presence of water/humidity, the oxidation will be more serious.

Manufacturers have to  take measures to prevent the oxidation of their products,in order to maximum reduce the defects rate,and maintain the products‘ performance.

Therefore, the pursuit of oxidation prevention, we must start from all aspects. Nitrogen cabinet removes wet air in the N2 cabinet by filling in inert gas(nitrogen gas), to better achieve anti-oxidation treatment.

However, the general nitrogen supply cabinet can not do to arbitrarily control the humidity,that causes the normal nitrogen purge cabinets are not expected to achieve a good expected effect in some occassion.

So, can a N2 supply cabinet achieves the ultra - low humidity control? it can be used through the nitrogen filling of the electronic dry cabinet. Industrial dry storage cabinet itself can achieve low humidity control, meanwhile, nitrogen filling can not only achieve low humidity state rapidly, but also a inert gas supply environment.

In a NetDry nitrogen cabinet, a multi-point gas supply system is adopted, nitrogen is flushed into the cabinet through more than 30 small holes. The nitrogen gas is evenly distributed in the cabinet to avoid the dead point and dead angle phenomenon caused by traditional single-point gas supply.

NetDry nitrogen N2 cabinet is also equipped with a nitrogen-saving module,once the humidity inside N2 cabinet reaches the set value,the system will automatically cut off the nitrogen supply,and will open nitrogen supply once the humidity exceed set value,this saves 70% nitrogen compared with traditional N2 purging cabinet.

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