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Can the temperature test chamber be used as a high temperature oven?

Customers often inquire us: we need to do high temperature test, high and low temperature test, so we buy a temperature test chamber, can it be used for high temperature test?
On this question, we first see the difference between the two equipments.

Parameters of the temperature test chamber:

Test temperature range: -40 ℃ / -70 ℃ ~150 ℃

Function: The high temperature and low temperature simulation tests can be conducted.

Parameters of high temperature oven:

Test temperature range: Ambient~150 ℃ / 200 ℃ / 300 ℃ / 400 ℃/500 ℃

Function: High-temperature aging test can be conducted.

Judge from above parameters:
If the high temperature test is above 150 ℃, the temperature test chamber obviously can not replace the high temperature test chamber.

If the 150 ℃ high temperature aging test is conducted, the temperature test chamber can theoretically meet this test requirements,

However, the temperature test chamber is not suitable for 150 ℃ aging test for long time.

To sum up, if you want to conduct the 150-degree C high temperature test for a long time, it is best not to use the high and low temperature test chamber. After all, the design of the two test equipments is different, and the test conditions are also different.

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