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Latest News

Nitrogen cabinet is efficient, green and low energy consumption

Nitrogen cabinet is effectively used by filling high purity nitrogen to reduce the humidity and oxygen content in the Nitrogen cabinet, and can be controlled and stabilized within the preset humidity range, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing oxidation, moisture, mildew, rust, etc. The nitrogen cabinet is highly dehumidified, anti-oxidation, green and low energy consumption. The built-in program control sensing system automatically supplies and cuts off nitrogen supply.

Stainless steel nitrogen cabinet is recommended, due to high cleanliness grade, Symor nitrogen cabinet is made of high quality SUS304, which can be made by mirror or brushed process. The nitrogen cabinet itself does not produce dust, and can be applied in Class 1000 or higher dust-free room, to better protect the safety of component chips. The nitrogen cabinet has good expansion performance, support all kinds of non-standard customization, facilitate user‘s use habits and improve user sense of use experience.Symor nitrogen cabinet recommends 99.99% purity and above nitrogen. Reasonable nitrogen intake pressure is 0.2-0.4 MPA, with multi-point air intake system, uniform gas supply, more uniform nitrogen distribution and better protection.

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