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Latest News

Function and feature of benchtop temperature test chamber

Benchtop temperature test chamber performs high low temperature test for small specimens in research & development, quality control, electronic components and medical devices, by following certain testing standards.

Function and feature of the benchtop high and low temperature test chamber:

1.The insulation resistance value of the high and low temperature test chamber shall meet: cold above 2MΩ, hot above 1MΩ .

2. The insulation shall be high temperature and flame retardant.The insulation layer shall be of sufficient thickness, so that the exterior of the high and low temperature test chamber is not higher than 50℃ during high temperature test, and no condensation in low temperature test and ambient 15℃~35℃, ≤ 85%.

3. Temperature difference between inteior wall and working area don‘t exceed 3% at high temperature, 8% in low temperature.

Heating and Refrigeration of the benchtop high and low temperature test chamber:

1, heating system use nickel alloy high-speed heating electric heater.

2, high temperature and low temperature are completely independent system.

3, compressor: fully enclosed France original Tecumseh brand 

4, condensation mode: forced air cooling 

5, refrigeration mode: the single (cascade) mechanism system.

6, solenoid valve, oil separator, dry filter, repair valve, refrigerant flow window, storage cylinder are all imported original parts.

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