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Sulfur Dioxide Test Chamber

Sulfur Dioxide Test Chamber

The Sulphur Dioxide Test Chambers from Weiber are Corrosion Test Chambers used for testing the corrosion resistance of metallic surfaces and outer protective layer of coatings. They are used to create a highly corrosive environment rich in corrosive gases and natural humid conditions to induce accelerated corrosion in protective coatings of machines and equipments, electrical items, electronic parts and components, mechanical constructions, automobile and aircraft parts and components etc. Since the corrosive action of Sulphur dioxide also depends on specific temperature and humidity conditions and the presence of other contaminants, the Weiber Sulphur Dioxide Test Chambers are designed to create optimal conditions of temperature and humidity and also make provisions for introducing impurities and contaminants. These equipments operate across a wide temperature range, creating variations in the working temperature to mimic a natural weathering environment.

  • SO2 corrosion chamber is widely applied to the accelerated corrosion testing of the protective layer from metallic material, as well as electronic parts,electrical components and industrial products. It can reproduce the corrosion process happened to the painted or untreated metal surface.Therefore, SO2 corrosion chamber can be used to perform various kinds of corrosion test in according to relevant standards, such as ISO6988. 
    SO2 corrosion chamber perform test according to IEC60068-2-52, IEC61701-2, ASTM G85 and other custom test methods. SO2 corrosion test chamber is available in different sizes.

    Climatest Symor® adopts advanced technology to ensure safe and durable operation,our SO2 corrosion chambers are easy to use and maintain. This equipment is available in visually appealing aesthetic designs and find widespread usage in industrial manufacturing units and research institutesThey are designed for various application.

    Complied Standards

    .BS 2011-2.1Kc:1991
    .BS EN 60068-2-42:2003
    .BS EN 61300-2-28:1997
    .ISO 6988
    .DIN 50018:1988-06
    .DIN 50900
    .DIN 53210
    .IEC 61300-2-28:1995


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  • .Temperature humidity control and display unit for SO2 corrosion chamber
    .Programmable LCD touch screen controller, Temperature sensor PT-100
    .Noxious gas with SO2, SO2 Gas tank with flow meter, Exhaust pipe & drain pipe, Safety protection system
    .Equipped with double air filter to ensure that the emission gas brings no contamination to environment
    .SO2 Exhaust device, SO2 concentration 25 ±5 ppm, Gas supply should be prepared by user
    .Anti-corrosive PP plate is formed integrally through pressing and with no leakage.

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