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Latest News

How does a salt fog test chamber work?

Salt fog test chamber, also known as salt spray test chamber, is mainly used to test the corrosion resistance of samples .At present, it is widely used in the aerospace industry, automotive electronics, electronics, mobile phone, plastic products, metal materials, only for to test salt corrosion, but also to simulate natural conditions or working conditions to understand the performance and temperature of each sample.The current salt fog test chamber has developed to acetate fog test, copper salt accelerated,and alternating salt fog test. China has also taken the salt fog test as a national standard, and has made detailed provisions.

Product characteristics of the salt fog test chamber:

1. working room, shell, cover inside and outside are made by glass steel overall molding, flat surface, with the advantages of corrosion resistance, no permeability, high strength, light weight and easy to clean.

2. top cover adopts water seal to prevent salt fog overflow, jacket air duct heating, studio heating quickly, temperature distribution.

3. Pneumatic lever, open and close the machine cover easily.

4. tower spray system, the spray is made of advanced materials, with fine spray particles, natural settlement of salt mist, uniform distribution, and no crystallization of the nozzle.

Working principle:

The working principle of the salt fog test chamber is relatively single, mainly to compress the corrosive solution into air spray and spray the sample. This test can be conducted continuously or cycled until the corrosion phenomenon  appeared on the sample, and then record the corrosion time, the longer the time, the corrosion resistance of sample is the better.

The corrosion solution in the general salt fog test chamber, is mainly sodium chloride solution at a 5% concentration. In addition, salt fog test chamber can independently regulate the settlement and spraying amount of salt mist to ensure the constant test temperature, convenient operation and the stable test environment.Therefore, it is often used to test the corrosion resistance of daily necessities or industrial products.

The salt fog test chamber can reach any temperature point from room temperature to 50℃ in the working space and remain constant. Salt mist corrosion test on the material or product with constant temperature and relative humidity. The materials used for manufacturing this equipment are imported corrosion resistant PVC plastic plates that do not react with salt solution or acid salt solution and do not affect the test results.In the design of the equipment, internal and external pressure balance, salt fog in the box, and can be adjusted to the national standard.

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