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Aging Oven

Aging Oven

  • High Temperature Aging Oven is mainly used in the application of rubber and plastic, various insulation materials and products in the cable industry(non-flammable and non-explosive) for drying, high-temperature aging experiment, sterilization and the like.
    Climatest standard aging ovens are 90L and 200L, we can also customized according to specific requirements.


  • .Streamline design, exterior is made by A3 cold-rolled steel plate, surface static spraying,interior is made by stainless steel SUS#304.

    .The air duct structure can force the convection to simulate the air circulation, so as to ensure temperature uniformity inside.

    .The device adopts microcomputer PID control,LED controller with automatic temperature control, timing, over-temperature alarm, etc.

    .Advanced insulation technique and materials adopted,so that the temperature inside is not easily lost,and more energy-saving.

    .Independent temperature limit controller,dual protection system to ensure safety. (optional)

    .The standard oven is equipped with a rotary table,stainless steel wire shelf is optional.

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