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Latest News

Are you looking for a temperature test chamber manufacturer?

The temperature test chamber is used to test and determine the parameters and properties of products and materials, it provides high temperature, low temperature, heat and humidity environment. 

If you are looking for a temperature test chamber manufacturer,pls check it out:

Rest-assured brand quality:
1.The earliest climatic test chamber supplier in China, ISO9001:2015 certified.
2. Reinforced steel plates from Baosteel,firm structure,excellent bearing.
3. Japan original imported UNIQUE controller, all electrical parts  rest assured brand quality.
4. A complete supervision system for quality control, strict test and commissioning before ex-factory.
5. After-sale team for technical support promptly.

If you wanna understand more about temperature test chamber, continue to read here;

1、Control mode: thermal balance, temperature and humidity adjustment mode.
2.  Real - time temperature & humidity curve can be displayed on the controller.
3.  The controller has the automatic screen protection function to better protect the LCD screen in a long running state.
4.  Remote communication interface to design programs on the computer, view the test process and perform automatic switch and other functions.
5. which can correct the temperature change conditions immediately to make the temperature and humidity control more * * stable. 
6.  Automatic defrosting device on the door frame.

High and low temperature test chamber is a necessary test equipment in aviation, automobile, home appliances, scientific research and other fields.
If you are looking for a temperature test chamber manufacturer,ask for a quote by mailing to ,our engineer will provide best solution for you,

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