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Latest News

Application and Structure of Aging Test Oven

Application and Structure of Aging Test Oven

The aging test oven is used to test wires, cables, insulators or coated rubber test sheets to compare tensile strength and elongation before and after aging.


The cable aging oven uses hot air circulation to promote the aging of the test piece, the inner oven has strong sealing property, has air inlet and outlet air device, and is equipped with overtemperature automatic cut off protection device, which meets the test requirements.

Rotating aging tester has a large observation window to keep the oven bright, and the use of toughened glass, clear observation at any time.

The heat preservation of the rubber aging chamber adopts ultrafine glass fiber insulation cotton, which can avoid unnecessary energy loss. The box can be equipped with test holes for external test power lines or signal lines. The time and temperature of temperature control can be set arbitrarily.

The test rack can be configured according to the customer‘s requirements and can adjust the height freely

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