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Latest News

Application of High Low Temperature Test Chamber in Electronic Components Industry

Symor Instrument Equipment Co.,Ltd is a well-known manufacturer of reliability test equipment. We have many customers from the electronic components industry. Climatest Symor has very mature production experience. Today follow us to understand the high and low temperature test chamber can be used in the used in the components industry.

Thermal shock test chamber is used in electronic and electrical components, automation parts, communication components, auto parts, metals, chemical materials, plastics and other industries, defense industry, aerospace, military industry, BGA、PCB base wrench, electronic chip IC、 semiconductor ceramic magnetic and polymer materials physical changes, testing its materials performance to withstand high and low temperature and the product in thermal expansion and contraction of chemical changes or physical damage, can confirm the quality of the product, from precision IC to heavy machinery components, will be used, is an essential test chamber for product testing in various fields.

Electronic components are the basis of the whole machine, which may form a failure related to time or stress in use due to its inherent defects or improper control of the manufacturing process. In order to ensure the reliability of the whole batch of components and meet the requirements of the whole machine, it is necessary to eliminate the components which may have initial failure under the conditions of use. The process of the failure rate of components with time can be described by " bathtub curve" failure rate curve. The early failure rate decreases rapidly with the increase of time, and the loss efficiency in the service life period (or accidental failure period) is basically unchanged.

1. High temperature storage

The failure of electronic components is mostly caused by various physicochemical changes in the body and surface, which are closely related to temperature. After the temperature increases, the chemical reaction speed is greatly accelerated, and the failure process is accelerated. So that defective components can be exposed in time, to be eliminated.

High temperature screening is widely used in semiconductor devices, which can effectively eliminate the failure mechanism of surface contamination, poor bonding and oxide layer defects. Generally stored at maximum junction temperature for 24~168 hours.

High temperature screening is simple and easy, not expensive, and can be carried out on many components. After high temperature storage, the parameter performance of components can be stabilized and the parameter drift in use can be reduced. The thermal stress and screening time of various components should be properly selected to avoid new failure mechanism.

2. Power Electricity

In screening, under the combined action of thermoelectric stress, many potential defects in the body and surface of components can be well exposed, which is an important item of reliability screening.

All kinds of electronic components are usually refined for a few hours to 168 hours under rated power conditions. Some products, such as integrated circuits, can not change the conditions casually, but can use high temperature working mode to improve the working junction temperature and achieve high stress state.

Power refining needs special test equipment, its cost is high, so screening time should not be too long. Civil products are usually a few hours, military high reliability products can choose 100,168 hours, aerospace-grade components can choose 240 hours or longer cycle.

3. Temperature cycle

Electronic products will encounter different ambient temperature conditions in the process of use. Under the stress of thermal expansion and contraction, the components with poor thermal matching performance will easily fail. Temperature cycle screening uses the thermal expansion and contraction stress between extreme high temperature and extreme low temperature, which can effectively eliminate the products with thermal performance defects. The commonly used screening conditions for components are-55~125℃,5~10 cycles.

Power refining needs special test equipment, its cost is high, so screening time should not be too long. Civil products are usually a few hours, military high reliability products can choose 100,168 hours, aerospace-grade components can choose 240 hours or longer cycle.

4. The necessity of screening components

The inherent reliability of electronic components depends on the reliability design of the product. In the manufacturing process of the product, due to the fluctuation of human factors or raw materials, process conditions, equipment conditions, the final finished product can not all achieve the expected inherent reliability.

In each batch of finished products, there are always some potential defects and weaknesses in some products, which are characterized by early failure under certain stress conditions. The average life of components with early failure is much shorter than that of normal products.

The basis of whether electronic equipment can work reliably is whether electronic components can work reliably. If the early failure components are installed with the whole machine and equipment, the failure rate of the early failure of the whole machine and equipment will be greatly increased, and its reliability can not meet the requirements, and it will also pay a great price to repair.

Therefore, we should try to eliminate the components with early failure as far as possible before the electronic components are installed with the whole machine and equipment, so we should screen the components. According to the experience of screening at home and abroad, the total failure rate of components can be reduced by 1-2 orders of magnitude through effective screening. Therefore, whether military or civil products, screening is an important means to ensure reliability.

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