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Latest News

Application of humidity controlled cabinet in automotive electronics industry

Automotive electronics is an electronic product with the development of automobile industry. At 4G network, the rise of the Internet, so that the development of automotive electronics ushered in a new height. Automotive electronics are more and more, so, in the production of various automotive electronics, what is the application of NetDry dry cabinet? 

Automotive electronics is the general name of vehicle electronic control device. Car body electronic control device, including engine control system, chassis control system and body electronic control system (body electronic ECU). The most important role of automotive electronics is to improve the safety, comfort, economy and entertainment of automobiles. Electronic control system composed of sensors, microprocessors MPU、 actuators, dozens or even hundreds of electronic components and their components.

Besides, because of the rise of car network and 4G network, automobile electronics also has more types. However, no matter what type of automotive electronics, there will be higher requirements. especially the front part. For its reliability, safety, stability will have higher requirements. For the moisture control cabinet, the role is to store some components, materials, chips and other items formoisture-proof anti-oxidation purpose.

The moisture-proof and anti-oxidation of the material is indispensable for the service life and reliability of the product. The role of anti-oxidation will be more clear, here is not detailed. Mainly talk about the importance of moisture-proof in these parts.

When the components of automobile electronics are dampened to a certain extent, they will come into contact with the thermal process in the production process, and it is easy to produce cracking, delamination, peeling, microcracks, and even the popcorn phenomenon that cracks extend to the surface. These failures seriously affect the quality of the product.

In these faults, serious cracks extending to the surface can be seen by the naked eye, which can be scrapped or repaired directly. But in fact, cracking, delamination, peeling and micro-cracking are the most troublesome faults for manufacturers. Among these faults, it is often possible that the fault can not be detected during QA detection. But in fact, the device transfer or chip inside, the fault has been formed.

These formed faults, if not solved, in the subsequent use process, through certain inducements, such as: collision, temperature and humidity changes, will easily lead to the expansion of these faults. And let the whole product show functional failure and so on. This will be a great blow to the service life of the product and the reputation of the enterprise.

Therefore, the use of humidity controlled cabinet in the automotive electronics industry is also very significant.