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Latest News

Application of Salt Spray Test Chamber

The salt spray test chamber is mainly used to test the physical and related characteristics of the product under the condition of artificial simulated marine climate (salt spray) according to the national standard or the user‘s own requirements. After testing, the performance of the product can be judged by testing.

This kind of salt spray corrosion test chamber is one of the "three prevention "(damp heat, salt spray, mold) test equipment in artificial climate environment. It is an important test equipment to study the adaptability and reliability of various environmental conditions in machinery, national defense industry, light industry electronics, instrumentation and other industries. The salt spray corrosion test chamber can be tested according to the basic environmental test rules of GB/T2423.1<<electronic and electrical products Ka:salt spray test method>> , it can be used for neutral salt spray test, but also for acetate fog test.

Salt fog/Mist test Chamber is used to detect the reliability of corrosion resistance of tested samples. Salt spray refers to the dispersion system composed of small droplets containing salt in the atmosphere. Many enterprise need to simulate the damage caused by the marine climate to the products, so salt spray test chamber is brought into being. 

Salt mist test is divided into neutral salt spray and acid salt spray,which is called "NSS" and "CASS" test respectively, which is a common test method in artificial climate prevention. The birth of salt fog test chamber saves a lot of manpower, financial and material resources. Its development and popularization are very fast, and has been developed from the initial neutral salt spray test to acetate fog test, copper salt accelerated acetate fog test and alternating salt spray test.

The salt mist test chamber provides a controlled corrosion environment, which is used to determine the relevant corrosion resistance data for samples of metals and coated metals in a specific salt corrosion test chamber

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