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Latest News

Benchtop High and low temperature test chamber

High and low temperature test chamber is mainly suitable for electrical, electronic products, components, components and their materials in the process of storage, transportation and use in high and low temperature environment, as well as temperature gradient test, but also for electronic components stress screening test, and the core component of the equipment is refrigeration system,compressor  will directly affect the performance of the equipment, many customers will consult how to maintain the equipment? In fact, as long as the heart often pay attention to maintenance, the following cold and hot impact test chamber manufacturers for you to explain the specific content together to understand it!

1. the voltage in the workplace of the high and low temperature test box must be stable. If the voltage is unstable, the current may be too large or too small. If the equipment works in this environment for a long time, it will bring great damage to the compressor. It is recommended to use a stabilizer to connect the equipment.

2. the working environment of the high and low temperature test box should be well ventilated and dust free. In order to ensure that the compressor surface of the equipment is clean, the equipment should be placed in a dust-free space without use for a long time.

3. the high and low temperature test box in the process of use, do not start the compressor too frequently, and the compressor start time interval of at least 15 minutes.

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