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Latest News

Clean Oven Classification

The clean oven, also known as the dust-free industrial oven, is a special clean and dust-free drying equipment which provides high temperature and purifying can divided into class 1000,class100,class10000,clean oven,LCD clean oven,LED clean oven,PCB clean oven,etc.

Symor is a professional supplier of heat treatment equipment, baking process equipment, environment and reliable test equipment. It is a comprehensive enterprise with design, manufacture, sales and after-sales service capability.
clean oven

Application: Clean grade is class 100, suitable for precision electronics, solar, new materials, touch screen and other industries
Clean oven system:
1. adopt high temperature resistant long shaft motor and strong multi-wing wind blade, strong air suction structure, ensure better uniformity, reduce noise, save energy.
2. Power: 220V/380V,50/60HZ
3. temperature range: RT+20°C-200°C, temperature fluctuation +/-1°C, temperature uniformity +/-3% (@200°C),unload, heating time 50°C-200°C is within 40 minutes.
4. studio: internal SUS304 mirror stainless steel, external A3 steel plate baking paint (or SUS304), glass fiber insulation.
5. heater: dustless heater
6. safety device: over-temperature protection device, motor overheating current protection, short-circuit overcurrent, under-phase protection.
7. temperature control input: CAK type, SSR contact mode output, high accuracy, automatic PID control, LED digital display.
8. cleanliness grade: cleanliness grade class 100.
9. Imported H.E.P.A air duct system
9. we can customize according to customer requirements.

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