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Latest News

Climatest Symor launches the 1st subsidiary on Mar.20th,2019

Phebix Chemical Co.,Ltd was established in March.20th,2019,the company manufactures waste water treatment agents,such as Polyaluminium Chloride(PAC),Polyferric Sulfate(PFS) and so on.Our factory locates at Recycling Economic Industrial Park,Yingshang County,Anhui.

Phebix engages in business of Drinking Grade Polyaluminum Chloride, Industrial Grade Polyaluminum Chloride, High Purity Polyaluminum Chloride and Polyferric Sulfate,etc., The products can purify waste water to different levels according to customers‘ requirements,which effectively protect the environment.Our company sets up one-stop Departments including R&D,Production,Quality Control,Safety,Sales and Logistics. Phoenix strictly follows ISO9001 Quality System,carry out complete inspection and 100% ex factory pass rate,establish customer feedback system, actively study clients’ suggestions.Phoenix dedicates to satisfy domestic and overseas customers by superior product quality and considerate after-sales service. 

Phebix is the subsidiary of Climatest Symor®,we dedicate to serve you well in environment silumation and environmental protection field!

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