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Latest News

Constant temperature humidity test chamber

 I. Power selection

There are two kinds of voltage in China, single phase 220 V and three phase 380 V. Manufacturer should confirm the power supply with customer for avoid misunderstanding.Factory suggested to choose 380 V four-phase power interface, because this is relatively stable for the entire laboratory,also to the life of the equipment itself is also good.

2. Air cooling and water cooling
The constant temperature and humidity test chamber is generally air-cooled, the water-cooled is generally a large constant temperature and humidity laboratory or a large rapid temperature change chamber, the general the thermal shock chamber is more water-cooled.
3. Safety protection system
Especially for reliability test, the test period is long, the object of the test is sometimes a very high value military products, during the test process, the test personnel often have to operate or test around the site, so the environmental test equipment must have the characteristics of safe operation, easy operation, reliable use, long working life, etc., to ensure the normal conduct of the test itself. All kinds of protection, alarm measures and safety interlocking devices of test equipment should be perfect and reliable to ensure the safety and reliability of test personnel, test products and test equipment itself.

4. Workign area dimendion selection
Working area dimension is determined according to the size of specimen. Generally speaking, the principle is that the specimen accounts for one third of the volume of the test chamber and can not exceed two thirds.

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