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Latest News

Cooling method of temperature humidity test chamber

The high and low temperature humidity test chamber consists of temperature regulation system (heating, cooling) and humidification system. Through the rotating fan installed on the top of the temperature humidity test chamber, discharge air into the chamber to realize gas circulation and balance the temperature and humidity inside. The data collected by the temperature and humidity sensors built in the cahmber is transmitted to the temperature and humidity controller (microinformation processor) for editing and processing, issue the temperature and humidity conditioning instruction, and complete through the air heating unit, condensate pipe and heating evaporation unit in the water tank.

What‘s the cooling method of a temperature humidity test chamber?
1. Air cooling: small chambers usually adopt air cooling method, this configuration is very convenient in mobility and space saving, because the air cooling condenser is built in the chamber, however, on the other hand, the heat is dissipated into the room where the chamber is located. Therefore, the air conditioning in the room must be capable to handle the additional heat load generated by the chamber;

2.Water cooling: you must pay attention to the surrounding dirt. Since the condenser is located near the floor, the dirt can be easily picked up. Therefore, regular cleaning of condensers is necessary and if the chamber is in a dirty environment, water cooling may be a good solution in water cooling systems where the condenser is usually placed outside, however, water cooling systems are more complex and expensive to install. Such systems require refrigeration piping, water tower installation, electrical wiring, and water supply engineering; "water cooling may be a good solution if the chamber is located in a dirty environment.

If customer require very fast temperature change, temperature humidity test chamber manufactuer will adopte water cooling method, because this method achieve rapidly decrease temperature change, and the performance is not effected by the ambient condition.

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