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Latest News

Drying cabinet for SMT wafer IC chip

In the electronic industry, the harm caused by moisture to electronic products and electronic components has become one of the main factors affecting the quality of electronic products. According to statistics, more than a quarter of the world‘s industrial manufacturing industries, such as electronics,failure products caused by moisture Therefore, most electronic products require operation and storage under dry conditions.

Many SMT、IC、LED chips, solar photovoltaic, military industry customers look for electronics dry cabinet manufacturers online first, of course, in the search they will find NetDry SMT wafer IC chip drying cabinet, NetDry moisture control cabinet mainly used in the electronic and semiconductor industry.

Through comparison with other drying cabinet manufacturers,you will also find NetDry SMT wafer IC chip drying cabinet has strict requirements on material selection, The most important thing is that the price is much more favorable than other dry cabinet manufacturers under the same quality, You can save a lot of money. NetDry SMT wafer IC chip drying cabinet adopts 1.2 mm thickness Baosteel material laser technology to ensure the sealing of cabinet. An upgraded LED super display panel, avoid wrong operation.

TDC/TDU series dehumidification speed is 4 times faster than the traditional. Open the door one minute and close the door, Humidity drops below 10% RH for 15 minutes. Using the world‘s leading digital sensor technology, with advanced dynamic dehumidification technology, The humidity uniformity is 100% higher than the traditional one. And the SMT dry cabinet uses high quality rubber wheels, high bearing capacity, wear resistant mute wheel, the service life is long. 

If you are interested in or have questions about the above NetDry moisture-proof cabinets, please call our customer service at: +8617756072770 - you full time humidity cabinet procurement consultant.

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