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Latest News

Drying oven working principle

Working principle:
The hot air circulation system is divided into horizontal type and vertical type. After accurate calculation, the air source is driven by the air supply motor to send the hot air to the air duct and enter the working chamber through the electric heater, and the air suction duct after use can be re-used as the air source to reheat, so that the temperature uniformity can be effectively improved. If the oven door is switched on and off during use, the air supply circulation system can quickly recover the temperature value in operation.
When the oven is in operation, the operator obtains the temperature value through controller and the temperature sensor, then operates by the control system. The hot air circulation heating mode of the drying oven has better gas flow and can accelerate the drying speed of materials in the drying oven.

The hot air circulation system of drying oven is composed of air supply motor, air turbine and electric heater. The air supply motor drives the air turbine to send out cold air. The cold air is heated by electric heater and carries heat energy, and then enters the working chamber through the air channel. The hot air circulation system of drying oven can mprove the uniformity of air temperature,when we put in materials into the oven,the door switch on and off, the temperature value will be affected, and the uniformity of hot air circulation system will be beneficial to recover the temperature value at the maximum fast speed.

Daily maintenance:

1. Clean the surface and dust inside oven, and keep the machine clean and sanitary.
2. Check whether the current in the ammeter is normal or not, and if it is different, notify the maintenance worker,
3. In case of a sudden power failure, turn off the heating switch to prevent automatic start-up when power on.
4. Check whether the motor fan is normal or not, and if there is abnormal sound, close the machine immediately and notify the maintenance worker.
Monthly maintenance:
1. Check wether the vents are clogged and clean up the dust.
2. Whether the fan is running properly or not.
3. Check whether the current is normal.
4. Check wether the temperature controller is accurate. If it is not accurate, adjust the static compensation or sensor correction value of the temperature controller.
5. Check the heating pipe is damaged or not.
6. Check whether the delayer device is accurate and whether the error is allowed.

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