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Latest News

FIVE things to consider before purchasing a temperature and humidity test chamber 3/3

4. Interior Dimension

The size of the programmable temperature humidity chamber is always ignored by the buyer. Most people mistakenly believe that performance does not depend on space, as long as the product is suitable for indoor, regardless of the size of the product.

It is important to know that the chamber must have sufficient air volume to ensure effective airflow is very important. the size and size range is wide, can be customized according to your requirements.
The climatic chamber can be divided in to benchtop type, standard floor-standing type and walkin chamber according to different capacity.

5.Cooling mode

The air in the chamber is cooled by the refrigeration system. The heat extracted by the refrigeration system is emitted through the condenser.

There are two main types of condensers: air-cooled or water-cooled. Everyone has its advantages and disadvantages.

Small chamber is usually air-cooled as the standard specification. this configuration is very convenient in terms of mobility and space saving due to the built-in air cooling condenser in the chamber.

However, on the other hand, heat is emitted into the room where the chamber is located. In this way, the air conditioning in the room must be able to handle the additional heat load generated by the chamber.

Second, attention must be paid to the dirt around. Because the condenser is located near the floor, it is easy to pick up dust. Therefore, regular cleaning of the condenser is necessary.

If the chamber is placed in a dirty environment, water cooling may be a good solution. In a water cooling system, the condenser is usually placed outdoors.

Nevertheless, water cooling systems are more complex and expensive to install. This type of system requires refrigeration piping, water tower installation, wiring and water supply works. As you can see, the installation may be dirty and extra cost to you.


As a conclusion, there are many different types of laboratory use. To determine the desired chamber type, your application must be clear.

It is essential to communicate the test and product information to the supplier in as much detail as possible.

What is the required chamber size? What is a sample? What temperature or humidity range is required? Is the chamber air-cooled or water-cooled?

These are the basic questions you must purchase before the temperature and humidity test room is clear.

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