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Latest News

Four Testing Methods for Salt Spray Test Chamber

Four Testing Methods for Salt Spray Test Chamber

Salt spray test chamber is widely used today, the equipment is mainly suitable for salt spray corrosion test of parts, electronic hardware components, metal materials protective layer and industrial products. The artificial simulated salt spray test includes neutral salt spray test(NNS), acetate spray test(ASS), copper salt accelerated acetate spray test(CASS) and alternating salt spray test. What do you know about these four kinds of test methods?

1.An accelerated corrosion test method has been widely used in neutral salt spray test (NSS test) at present. The solution is 5% sodium chloride brine solution, and the PH value of the solution is adjusted in neutral range (6~7) as the solution for spray. The temperature of the test is 35℃, and the salt spray settling rate of the salt spray test box should be between 1~2 ml/80cm2.h.

2.acetate fog test (ASS test) was developed on the basis of neutral salt spray test. It mainly refers to the addition of some glacial acetic acid in 5% sodium chloride solution, which reduces the PH value of the solution to about 3, makes the solution acidic, and the salt spray formed after the solution becomes acidic from neutral salt fog. and its corrosion rate is about three times faster than NSS test.

3.Copper salt accelerated acetate fog test (CASS test) is a rapid salt spray corrosion test developed from abroad, and the test temperature of salt spray test box is 50℃. Some copper salt-copper chloride is added to salt solution, which strongly induces corrosion. and its corrosion rate is about eight times that of the NSS test.

The alternating salt spray test is a comprehensive salt spray test, which is actually a neutral salt spray test plus constant humidity and heat test. It is mainly used in the finished product of cavity type, and through the penetration of tidal environment, salt spray corrosion can not only be produced on the surface of the product, but also in the product. The horizontal constant temperature and humidity box manufacturer tells you that it is to convert the product alternately under the conditions of salt spray and damp and heat, and then check whether the electrical and mechanical properties of the whole machine have changed.

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