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Latest News

Happy Dragon Boat Festival !

Lunar day May.5th is Chinese Dragon Boat Festival,the day is established to memorize a famous Poet/counseller,his name is Qu Yuan.

He is a man of profound knowledge and good thinking. When he went up to the DPRK, he was often able to put forward a lot of constructive plans for the king of Chu, and usually he was able to entertain guests generously and thoughtfully, so the king of Chu trusted him very much and gave him a lot of things to do.

But with the change of many things, his officialdom was not satisfied, his ambition in his heart could not be exercised, and finally he threw himself into the river. In order not to let the fish in the river eat him, people prepared rice dumpling for fish to eat. Later, this custom continued to this day.

Climatest Symor staff wish you have a Happy Dragon Boat Festival!Cheers!

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