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Latest News

How can drying ovens be used to improve the efficiency of led product packaging?

For the purpose of improving the efficiency of LED product packaging, The filling glue needs to be used in a constant temperature drying oven , LED heating curing gel lens glue requires 50℃, Curing for 2-4 hours. Elastic silicone, curing speed is fast, over reflow welding, can be cured 1-2 hours at 100℃. Fluorescent glue solidified at 120℃ for 2 hours, 150℃ cured for 1 hour. The air blast drying oven can provide a good temperature environment for filling glue, From room temperature to 250℃ fixed, up to 300℃. The heating time can be set in 1-9999 minutes. It can also be programmed, Self-set temperature and heating time. The silent fan blows out the hot air at a constant speed, excellent indoor temperature uniformity, So that the filling glue is heated evenly, which improves packaging quality.

The phosphor of the LED light source is very sensitive to humidity and needs to be stored in 25% RH environment for dry storage. Under the condition of moisture, the phosphor will not have any problem after mixing with silica gel to make the finished product, but the high temperature will accelerate the aging of the phosphor and cause discoloration. According to the data, when the phosphor is 80℃, the excitation efficiency decreases by 2%, and the higher the temperature, the greater the performance decline of the phosphor. Climatest Symor electronic dry cabinet pass through CE and RoHS certification, humidity value can be selected 1-10%RH,10-20%RH, 20-60% RH, we also support customization. The shelves inside electronic dry cabinet can move freely, convenient collocation space utilization.

LED silver plating support, gold silver wire needs to use nitrogen n2 cabinet to store to prevent oxidation. Nitrogen cabinet can choose to control humidity and oxygen content at same time.

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