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Latest News

How does a constant temperature and humidity chamber control temperature and humidity?

1. heating device is a key link to control small constant temperature and humidity test chamber.

2. it is that the controller will output voltage to the relay when the heating instruction is obtained, about 3-12 volts DC is electrically heated on the solid state relay; its AC end is equivalent to the wire connection; the contactor also absorbs and heats the heater with voltage at both ends.

3. when the temperature reaches your set value; the controller is adjusted by adding a solid-state relay on-off.
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4. we look at the constant temperature and humidity chamber to adjust the heat output on the screen; this is temperature control above 89 degrees, temperature stability below 89 degrees how to control it? The constant temperature and humidity test chamber is on one side through the solid state relay heating force; in addition through the compression mechanism cold cycle cooling to achieve dynamic balance; the temperature is constant.

5. compressor is the heart of the refrigeration system. It inhales low temperature and low pressure gas, becomes high temperature and high pressure gas, releases heat by condensing into liquid and takes away heat through fan, so hot air is under the constant temperature and humidity machine, then throttles to low pressure liquid.

The process of humidification is to increase the water vapor pressure. The initial humidification method is to spray water to the wall of the climatic chamber, and the saturated pressure of the water surface is controlled by controlling the water temperature. The water on the surface of the environmental chamber wall forms a larger surface, in which the relative humidity in the test box is increased by adding water vapor pressure to the chamber by diffusion. This method appeared in the 1950s.

The dehumidification system is also completed by the refrigeration system, the evaporator is placed in a small constant temperature and humidity chamber; it is relatively cold, and the high humidity gas in the constant temperature and humidity chamber condenses into a liquid; the high humidity of the repeated box is very little. To achieve the purpose of moisture reduction.

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