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Latest News

How does dry cabinet work?

The working principle of moisture proof box:
In standby state,the dry unit absorb moisture insde the cabinet (dry unit contains desiccative:molecular sieves) , and when it is saturated,the dry unit is controlled to discharge he moisture to outside for dehumidification purpose, so that the desiccant molecular sieves can be regenerated and reduced, this process is repeated.

After the cabinet is power on, the main control panel collects the temperature and humidity data in the cabinet through the Honeywell sensor, and controls the dehumidification activity according to the program setting value to carry on the dehumidification work.  After a certain period of time,the program will judge according to the collected temperature and humidity data, if the humidity cannot continue to decrease, it means dry unit is in a saturated state, and it will control dry unit to discharge the absorbed water vapor out of the box so that the desiccant can be regenerated and reduced. Then control the dehumidification movement to enter the dehumidification state again, and cycle back and forth in turn.

Molecular sieves are a kind of desiccant, which mainly adsorbs water molecules in air.

Model Chinese name: 13x molecular sieves
Chemical formula: Na2O ·AL2O3 (2.80.2) Sio2 (6 ≤ 7) H2O
Effective pore size: about 10A

13x molecular sieves are mainly composed of aluminosilicate, forming sodium X molecular sieves with 10A pore size that is X crystal structure, which has a critical adsorption diameter of less than 10A. It is a desiccant for gas, chemical industry and air separation industry.

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