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Latest News

How to extend the lifespan of climatic test chamber?

Temperature and humidity test chamber has brought a lot of help to many industrial enterprises, but while it brings convenience to us, we should also take good care of them, otherwise they may be brought into the end-of-life phase ahead of time. The way of maintenance is also very simple. After daily use, the equipment is cleaned regularly, but the cleaning of the test chamber is also very skillful. If the operation is wrong, it may also lead to equipment failure. Let‘s learn how to extend the service life of the temperature and humidity test box together.
1, Pls clean the working room with water after each use, then dry the interior with dry cotton cloth.
2, Pls regularly remove dust from the evaporator inside the equipment, and periodically wipe the equipment to ensure clean and tidy.
3, When doing the test, the sample should be uniformly placed onto sample shelves,and the vent should not be blocked to prevent the influence of the test
4, It is necessary to pay attention to the cleaning of water tanks in peacetime, after the test or when the equipment is not intended to be used for a long time, all the water in the tank should be discharged, otherwise it will lead to the formation of scale inside the tank. The water used in the temperature and humidity test chamber must be pure or distilled water, or long-term use may result in a humidifier or internal pipe clogging.

Above are the usual use notice of temperature and humidity test chamber, if customer adhere to the above several points,it is really able to prolong the service life of the equipment.
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