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Latest News

How to fill water into the temperature humidity test chamber? (1/2)

The important performance for temperature humdiity chamber is humidity. Basically, before each use of the equipment, it is necessary to see if the water in the water tank is sufficient. If it is not enough, it needs to be added water. Otherwise, it is likely that the humidity will be inaccurate in the process of the experiment. However, the way of adding water to the temperature and humidity test chamber produced by different manufacturers is different, so today we will mainly introduce you how to add water to the chamber produced by our factory.

If you buy our temperature and humidity test chamber, then we can tell you accurately. The position of adding water locates at the back of the chamber, just open the lid of the tank, and then add enough water to the tank to ensure that the water level exceeds the water level meter in the tank. On the contrary, the equipment may always have a lack of water alarm in the course of the test, although it will not affect the conduct of the test, but if the equipment alarm is not dealt with, there may also be a dry burning alarm after that, and the power supply will be directly cut off to avoid damage to the equipment.
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