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Latest News

How to operate Sand and Dust Test Chamber?

Operation Procedures:.
1.The specimen was placed on the shelf and the door was closed after all preparations were ready.

2. Plug in the power socket, press the "power supply" button, the power indicator is on, the temperature controller is displayed, and the system vibration timer works.

3. Parameter setting:
a. Temperature setting: (RT  ~ 50 ℃).
b. Set Vibration time(0.1s ~ 99h),then vibration motor to start work.
c. Dust-blowing timing setting: When the dust-blowing test is used, press the dust-blowing button on the panel to set the dust-blowing time (0.1 s-999 h)
d. After the setting, the dust blower of the system is started to work.
e. Dust timing setting: when the dust test is used, close the dust-blowing press-button switch to press the dust-pressing switch, and set the dust-raising time (0.1 s-999 h) to be set arbitrarily according to the test,after the setting, the system dust fan starts to work.
f. If the power switch is turned off after the test is finished, the system stops working.


1. In operation, unless absolutely necessary, please do not open the door, otherwise it may lead to the following adverse consequences:
a. Dust flows into the air, destroys environmental protection and is harmful to human health;
b. Dust loss,which will reduce the settlement of dust in the chamber,and also affect the test effect.

2. Please pay attention to the safety of grounding of this machine so as not to produce electrostatic induction.

3. If the test specimen needs to be electrified,this equipment can share power supply with the specimen, but please be careful not to overload, other electrical equipment is not allowed to use the local power supply directly.

4. It is absolutely prohibited to test explosive, flammable and highly corrosive substances.

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