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Latest News

How to settle four main failure of constant temperature humidity test chamber?

Today we are going to discuss how to settle the four main failture of constant temperature humidity test chamber during normal operation,hope it is helpful to you:
I. Abnormal temperature display on controller.
1. The temperature and humidity controller shows that the temperature is abnormal. At this time, we first check the over-humidity protector to see if it is still in the position of 150 ℃. 
2. Check whether the pipeline in the working chamber is not cleaned for too long time, so that the water flow is not smooth, and if there is any water in the water tank.
3. Check whether the solid-state relay with humidity is short-circuited. If there is no problem with the heater, we can use the meter to exchange the voltage gear for detection. 
4. The power supply of the constant-temperature and humidity chamber can be switched off, the drain valve under the heating barrel is opened to a position parallel to the pipeline, the water in the water tank is discharged, the dirt in the interior is cleaned, Back in the opposite direction. After the device is finished, the drain valve under the humidification barrel needs to be closed to the position perpendicular to the pipeline, and the total power of the rear of the machine is opened.
II.Frequent "jump" occurs during the day, but recover to normal status at night
It means the refrigeration system is no problem,this is caused by the external factors, and the reason is that the condenser has poor heat dissipation. 
Inspection: the reasons for the poor heat dissipation of the condenser are as follows: 
(1) the condenser shows that there is air in the refrigeration system 
(2) there is air inside refrigeration system
(3) air does not flow around 
(4) the ambient temperature is too high
(5) the inner surface of the condenser is oil film.
Inspection result:The cooling effect of the test chamber was normal at night, which ruled out the above reasons (1), (2), (3) and (5). Moving the test chamber elsewhere will no longer "jump". It is determined that the condenser heat dissipation is poor caused by the equipment is too close to the heat source. 
Solution: remove the constant temperature and humidity test chamber away from the heat source and ventilated to remove the fault

III.How to solve the problem of overpressure, 
First of all, we should confirm the ambient temperature, because most of the overpressure is caused by excessive ambient temperature. Confirm whether the room temperature is too high due to summer or unventilated reasons, and the adaptive temperature of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber is 5 ℃-30℃. If the temperature of the room does not exceed the above, whether to place the equipment too close to the wall or corner when placing the machine, because this will cause the heat dissipation effect to be poor, thus alarm . Another thing to consider is, has the test chamber been cleaned ever since it was bought back?
Generally speaking, at the bottom of the machine, that is, the refrigeration system, you can see the condensation fan, condenser and other large refrigeration assembly accessories, and the condensation fan and condenser are already covered with dust. If so, please clean it up in time, because the small dust is preventing it from dissipating heat. It is recommended to clean once a month or quarterly. Vacuum cleaners or other auxiliary tools can be used when cleaning. Pay attention to cleaning must be done during shutdown.

IV: Failure of humid and hot system
The possible failure of humid and hot system is that the humidity display is 100%, and the humidity is not available or the water tank is short of water when making low humidity test,what should I do when it comes to these situations? The solutions to the slow or impossible rise of humidity are as follows:
1. Check whether the humidity OUT on the controller is output, or 100% output
2. Check whether the SSR2 signal lamp is on and if it is on, measure the current with the clamp meter. If there is no current, there may be several reasons:
a. the FQ2 circuit breaker is tripped and the heating path is cut off;
b. The SSR of the humidifying solid-state relay is damaged, with signal input but not on;
c. the humidifying pipe is damaged;
If that humidity signal on the control is input, However, if the signal indicating lamp on the SSR is not on, it is necessary to check the water level of the humidifying water tray (or the humidifying boiler) to detect the floating ball, and check the floating ball because the water level is not floating, or the water level is sufficient, but the floating ball is damaged, so that the humidification signal is not sent to the SSR and cannot be humidified. If there are more than two humidifying pipes, check if part of the humidifying pipe is not working, so that the humidifying capacity is not enough, the temperature and humidity point of the test is just at the high-humidity and low-humidity switching point, the dehumidification capacity is too large, the humidity rise is not up, the situation needs to be feed back to the factory in time, Technical support, change, or upgrade parameters are provided by the plant.
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