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Latest News

How to settle it if there is water exsisted inside the compressor of temperature humidity chamber?

It is necessary to know there are some faults that cannot be entirely avoided during the use of temperature and humidity test chamber, but how to deal with them in time is a problem that needs to be paid attention to.Here mainly explain the temperature and humidity test chamber compressor in the reason for the water, and how to deal with it.

Reason: water comes from air, because there is always water in the air, known as humidity, which is compressed into supersaturated air and then analyzed to become liquid. The oil comes from the lubrication system of the compressor, possibly because the wear clearance of the mechanism increases, and the lubricating oil will escape into the cylinder.

Solution: after the compressor is removed from the temperature and humidity test chamber, with a larger gas storage tank, the oil and water will naturally settle down to the bottom of the jar, and we need to discharge regularly to reduce the oil and water content in the compressed air.

Of course, you can also use filters and other things to further reduce the content of oil and water.

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