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Latest News

Huawei 5G Indoor Industry Solutions LampSite EE Won the Technology Innovation Award

Huawei won the ICT China (2020) Case Technology Innovation Application Award for LampSite EE (Enterprise Edition) solution during the China International Information and Communications Exhibition. This shows that HuaweiLampSite EE as a 5G indoor coverage solution for intelligent manufacturing, intelligent hospital, intelligent communication, intelligent warehousing and other industry application scenarios, has been recognized by the industry. The scheme provides 5 major function sets :5G indoor ultra-wideband ,5G indoor precision positioning ,5 industrial grade ultra-low delay ,5G indoor high reliability ,5G industrial grade high density concurrent connection, will also protect the deep application of 5G in the industry scene.

LampSite EE have the following five atomic capabilities:

1. 5G Indoor UWB: LampSite EE 5G Indoor UWB is based on the leading ability of LampSite digital headband broadband and multi-frequency combination, Innovative introduction of distributed MIMO technology, Enhance indoor system capacity 2~4 times. Provide flexible slot matching solution for large uplink demand, meet the steel industry "5 G safety production video return ", coal industry "underground staff monitoring and management" uplink return demand and future expansion demand; In the medical industry remote diagnosis and treatment, medical assistance and other applications, Demand for large uplink bandwidth.

2. 5G industry-level ultra-low delay: combined with Huawei leading URLLC network slicing, deterministic intelligent scheduling, super uplink and other ultra-low delay technologies, the 5G end-to-end transmission delay is greatly reduced, and can provide high reliable business support, matching industrial and medical scenarios needs accurate synchronization applications. At present, good results have been achieved in the application of unmanned aerial vehicles in iron and steel industry and remote control mining equipment in coal mining industry.

3.5G indoor accurate positioning: LampSite EE on the basis of 3 standard 5G indoor positioning, further innovation, in the indoor can achieve higher precision positioning ability, to meet the needs of enterprise assets and material positioning. With the support of 5 G indoor precision positioning ,5 G AGV logistics and other applications have been blessed.

4.5G industrial high density concurrent connection: take coal mine industry as an example, there will be hundreds or even thousands of underground sensors working at the same time, transmission rate, delay and other requirements are not the same. This kind of industrial high density concurrent connection scene, LampSite EE supports 5 G of NB-IoT service, satisfies Huo coal‘s massive sensor equipment access, truly achieves the full connection.

5.5G indoor high reliability: LampSite EE through covering redundant design, improve network availability, meet the needs of industrial scenarios, when the signal fluctuates LampSite EE can still maintain the stability of the 5G link, to ensure that the whole production process continues without worry.

HuaweiDIS product line president chen chuanfei said :" the LampSite EE solution launched by the Huawei can help operators and enterprise users to create 5 G of large bandwidth, low delay, high reliability, indoor precision positioning ability, improve the efficiency of production management, maximize the commercial and social value of the 5 industries ."

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