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Latest News

Inheritance and Development of Semiconductor 2/2

Before we introduced the history of semiconductor development, the following is to introduce the semiconductor‘s present and future!

Semiconductor technology is mainly used in computer and large-scale integrated circuit and optical communication technology, wireless communication technology, semiconductor batteries, semiconductor lighting and so on. In the aspect of computer and large-scale integrated circuit, the emergence and development of large-scale integrated circuit has laid a hardware foundation for network communication and computer development. In order to promote the development of integrated circuit technology. These two complement each other and promote each other. In terms of optical communication and wireless communication technology, optical communication and wireless communication are based on optical fiber and cellular mobile phones respectively. Because of the development of semiconductor technology and the birth of glass fiber, it has brought milestone progress to optical communication. The error rate of optical communication is reduced, the transmission efficiency is greatly improved, and optical communication becomes more convenient. The influence on wireless communication lies in greatly reducing the volume and power of wireless communication appliances and mobile phones, thus becoming more convenient to carry, promoting the development and popularization of wireless communication. For wireless communication into thousands of households laid a solid technical foundation. Semiconductor technology is widely used, in addition to the above, in optical disk storage, laser ranging, laser printing and laser instruments, military and other fields also have good performance.

As for the future of semiconductor technology, one is the information technology revolution brought by the universal application of big data to the higher demand of information transmission and analysis rate, the other is the continuous pursuit of higher integration and limit wavelength, power and working efficiency.

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