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Latest News

Laboratory Safety Problems and Solutions(2/4)

Management Problems:
1.There is no safety audit system for laboratory construction.
In the design or transformation project of laboratory construction project,there is no procedure and system to audit the safety issue, even there is but perfect, so that some projects bring hidden dangers to users after the completion of some projects.
2.The safety management system is not perfect, the safety responsibility is not clear
First, the team who is responsible for laboratory safety work,fails to establish a leading system to carry out the overall management of the whole laboratory safety work, and there is no requirement that the legal representative is the first responsible person of unit safety. Second, some units do not have special personnel in charge of laboratory safety work, do not have full-time laboratory safety personnel, can not implement management responsibilities layer by layer, safety responsibility is not clear. Third, the functional departments lack of professional and technical personnel, so it is difficult to carry out professional management of laboratory safety, and there is a lack of effective connection and necessary technical guidance between them

The causes of Safety Accidents and their Countermeasures:
The main causes of laboratory safety accidents are unsafe environment and unsafe behavior, unsafe environment is the indirect cause, bad management is the basic cause, and human unsafe behavior is the direct cause .The results of these accidents may cause life injury and property loss, which will affect the normal teaching and scientific research work. Therefore, the keypoint of laboratory safety management is to prevent unsafe behavior, eliminate the unsafe state of material environment, block the process of accident chain and avoid the occurrence of accidents. In order to avoid the occurrence of accidents, corresponding measures should be taken.
1. Unsafety environment factors
It requires the laboratory design, instrument layout, reagent placement, gas source, power supply line, ventilation setting, infection prevention setting, sewer pipe, laboratory waste disposal, fire protection facilities and so on should be reasonably designed, and the appropriate laboratory safety level should be formulated and published. It is very important to properly maintain all general and personal safety protective equipment and to inspect them regularly.
2. Unsafty factors of personnel
It needs not only standardized management system, laboratory safety operation rules, the implementation of laboratory safety responsibility, but also all laboratory staff should have general knowledge of laboratory safety, danger and accident prevention. Everyone who works in the laboratory should be aware of their responsibility for laboratory safety and correct them immediately and resolutely if any unsafe factors are found in the laboratory
. When starting a new experimental work, people who enter the laboratory should know in advance what risks may exist in the course of operation and prepare preventive measures.
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