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Latest News

Maintenance of dry storage cabinet

Due to the continuous change of temperature and humidity, moisture control is paid more and more attention by electronic industry and other enterprises, and dry storage cabinets are more and more widely used in home and industry because of their convenient installation, rapid and stable dehumidification, such as image materials, photographic equipment, digital electronic products, stamps, high-grade collectibles, electronic chips, medicine, optical supplies and other. As an electronic product, the electronic dry cabinet also needs daily maintenance, let‘s learn what knowledge we should notice for a humidity control cabinet.

1. Dry storage cabinet should be placed on a solid horizontal ground, no sundries around, not less than 30 cm from the wall.

2. Place the adjustable shelves according to the load-bearing of each shelf.

3. Do not put in the direction of airflow, such as air conditioning outlet, high temperature and other places.

4. Don‘t put in places where there‘s sunshine, smoke, moisture

5. Humidity can be adjusted according to the need to meet the appropriate requirements.

6. If not used for a long time, run empty dry cabinet for more than 12 hours and ensure humidity is reduced to a lower level.

8. If there are stains the dry module, gently wipe with a clean towel, do not use a wet towel or water washing.

9. Do regular cleaning. When cleaning, unplug all power plug, wipe the inside and outside surface of the moisture-proof cabinet with clean alcohol cloth, do not wash the moisture-proof cabinet with water. If we use a polyester scrub, wipe the detergent with a clean wet cloth and dry it.

The above is what we introduce to you the low humidity control cabinet maintenance related knowledge.
Symor Instrument Equipment Co.,Ltd was founded in March 2001, it is a civilian enterprise committed to the research, production, sales and service of environmental test chamber,dry cabinet and drying oven.. The main products of the company are nitrogen cabinet, dry storage cabinet, environmental test chamber, all kinds of drying ovens. As a electronic dry cabinet manufacturer, we are sincerely looking forward to cooperate with you. 

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