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Latest News

No Profit,no service

There are many climatic chamber manufacturers in China,but 95% manufacturers are concentrated on Jiangsu and Guangzhou provinces,some suppliers proceed low price strategy in order to win more orders,after get the order,they will try all the way to save materials and reduce the cost to keep reasonable profit,you think you pay less,but you actually get less,that is why there is a saying:you get what you pay,this is correct!
In fact, low prices in the market usually only play the role of "messing up the situation", insufficient success, more than failure. In the fierce competition, high prices are often upset or even frightened by low prices, but low prices are always difficult to compete with high prices, or even lose in the face of high prices.
Without the support of the profit, where the after-sales service and the continuous innovation come from. Customers have always felt expensive, ask price reduction, and they calculate the cost of materials with us,we would like to ask customers:
Have you added the R & D cost?
Is the labor cost added? Is the storefront cost added?
Is the management cost added? Do you still have an aftermarket?
Would you like to have a long-term warranty?


The precondition of the service is the profit, the profit space may be squeezed, but it can‘t disappear, Otherwise, profit disappears together with the service and quality.Please respect each industry, and every effort to serve customers, It also includes ourselves!
That is why we have to say "No" to you,because we will do everything with our heart, not only to you, but also to ourselves!
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