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Latest News

Safe use notices of forced convection dry oven(1/2)

The air-blast drying oven is also known as a "oven", and as the name implies, the air-blast circulation drying test is carried out by an electric heating mode, and is divided into two types of air-blowing drying and vacuum drying, and the air-blowing drying is to blow hot air through a circulating fan to ensure the temperature balance in the oven. The drying box is applied in the fields of chemical industry, medicine, environment, material, food and so on.

Operation Notice:
1. Place the sample: the material is evenly placed on the sample shelf.
Notes: 1)The sample shall not be placed under the heating status of the oven, and the sample shall be placed when the heating button is closed; 2)When the sample is to be placed, a certain space shall be kept around the upper and lower sides to keep the air flow in the oven smoothly; 3)a heat dissipation plate is arranged on the heating wire at the bottom of the heat transfer oven, the sample can not be placed on it so as not to affect the heat build up due to the flow of heat; 4)if that sample has a phase change in the high temperature state, it must be installed in the tray to avoid contamination of other samples (e. g., after heat or from solid to liquid, etc.); 5)The flammable and explosive organic volatile solvent or auxiliary agent is not allowed to be put into the box.

2. Close the door: close the box door gently.
Notes: 1)Do not use too much force when the oven is closed, so as to avoid the case that the box body is greatly vibrated; 2)The oven door is provided with a bolt, and the door is tightly combined with the silica gel sealing strip when the door is closed.

3. Start: Turn on the power supply and the heating switch. Notes: The power indicator and the heating indicator are normally displayed. If the indicator light is not on, turn off the power in time and contact the person in charge of the instrument.

4 Temperature setting: set the required temperature.
Notes:1)The set temperature shall not exceed the rated temperature; 2)the specific set temperature is determined by the experimental requirements and the attributes of the baking material; 3)The digital display temperature shall be indicated normally, and if it is not displayed or the flicker, jumping, etc. are not displayed, the power shall be turned off in time and the person in charge of the instrument shall be contacted.

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