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Latest News

Silicon carbide and semiconductors

Silicon carbide is a third generation compound semiconductor material which can be used to make power devices and improve power utilization significantly. The cornerstone of semiconductor industry is chip, semiconductor material is the core material of making chip, so we can know that the development and renewal of semiconductor material is an important material and technical cornerstone of the sustainable and healthy development of semiconductor industry. Silicon carbide material is considered to be the most widely used semiconductor material in the future because of its excellent physical properties of high band gap width, high conductivity and high thermal conductivity.

The excellent performance of silicon carbide materials, why in the future has a broad application space, this is from his characteristics. Silicon carbide has great hardness, second only to diamond, so it can be used as abrasive such as grinding wheel, but it also has the characteristics of high brittleness and low fracture toughness, which will greatly affect the machining accuracy. Thus increasing the processing difficulty and cost. Therefore, silicon carbide will be widely used in the manufacture of semiconductor chips only in the future when the processing technology has made a breakthrough and solved this problem. At present, the research on this problem is divided into two directions, one is to explore the grinding mechanism of hard brittle materials, the other is to study the polishing process of silicon carbide. To improve its utilization efficiency and reduce the cost of utilization, two different directions are explored.

At present, silicon carbide devices are used in the field of communication power supply in the field of 5 G infrastructure, the power module of new energy vehicle charging pile, and the server power supply of big data center and industrial Internet. There are UHV application flexible bookstore DC circuit breaker and other fields.

It can be seen that silicon carbide materials have broad prospects for development. In the future, silicon carbide device market will also usher in rapid growth.

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