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Latest News

Status quo and trend of environmental testing instrument Industry in China

In China,Enironmental testing equipment manufacturers in coming years will develop through two groups:one group is large comprehensive enterprise with international competitiveness,the other one is a group of highly specialized small-medium-sized enterprises, mainly good at certain technology or good at certain products or services, characterized by small scale, professional personnel, rich experience.

A large number of production enterprises have developed rapidly, and have begun to change the status quo of "imported instruments only" in the field of environmental testing in China,at present, the variety, quantity, performance and quality of environmental testing equipments in China are far from meeting the practical needs,most monitoring stations in China use testing equipments with very low technical content, single function, poor stability and reliability, and need to be replaced urgently.

Most of the environmetal testing instruments in China belong to middle-low level produced by small- medium-sized enterprises. The technical level is general, the product types are few, the failure rate is high, and the service life is short. In this way, the monitoring frequency is low, the sampling error is large, the monitoring data is not accurate, the research and development ability can not be reflected in time, and the supporting production capacity of the online monitoring instrument system is low, which can not meet the needs of the market. Most of the high quality analyzers, special monitoring instruments and automatic monitoring systems are imported from abroad, so the share of domestic instruments is very small. Among the domestic instruments in China, the share of atmospheric monitoring instruments is about 70%, and the share of water quality monitoring instruments is about 60%. Most of these instruments are at the level of the early 1980s and can not meet the actual needs.The R & D expenses of large foreign enterprises generally account for 5% of the total sales of enterprises, and only 1% of the better enterprises in China.

The management ability is poor, the labor productivity is not high, and the tendency of convergence is serious. According to the relevant experts, first, the operation mechanism of large state-owned enterprises does not play a good backbone role; second, small enterprises flock to the top, lack of technology, lack of funds, low level of repetition, the quality and performance of instruments can not compete with foreign imports, third, research colleges and enterprises lack of close cooperation mechanism, can not quickly achieve industrialization, the quality and performance of instruments can not compete with imported instruments, third, research colleges and enterprises lack of close cooperation mechanism, can not quickly achieve industrialization; Fourth, the government investment and venture capital in the development of environmental science instruments is insufficient. 
It is necessary to grasp the development trend of environmental testing instruments in China. Some experts think that the development trend in China is as follows:
(1) from manual sampling and laboratory analysis to automation, intelligence and networking; (2) from labor-intensive to technology-intensive;
(3) from narrow domain monitoring to omni-directional domain monitoring;
(4), from simple ground environmental testing to the combination of remote sensing;
(5), environmental testing instruments will develop to high quality, multi-function, integration, automation, systematization and intelligence;
(6), environmental monitoring instruments will develop to the high-tech field of comprehensive application of physics, chemistry, biology, electronics, optics and so on.
Increase the scientific research investment of monitoring technology urgently needed in environmental protection work, and include the development of environmental monitoring technology in the key field of environmental scientific research. With the help of various national support policies, promote the industrialization and technical upgrading of environmental monitoring instruments. At the same time, we should promote the combination of scientific research and production of monitoring instruments, and encourage enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions to carry out technical cooperation in various ways to speed up the transformation of environmental monitoring technology.

By means of market regulation and control, we can promote the recombination of environmental monitoring instrument production enterprises, gradually change the situation of weak technology, decentralized investment, low level repetition and low market competitiveness of monitoring instrument production, realize moderate large-scale intensive production, and form a number of backbone enterprises of monitoring instrument production. At the same time, the product should be adjusted from the middle and low grade to the high grade instrument and equipment to meet the needs of the actual work.
Using high and new technology to reorganize, transform and improve the technical level and competitiveness of environmental monitoring technology and instrument and equipment industry, and accelerate the process of localization. Under the condition of similar technical level, we should first adopt domestic monitoring instruments and equipment. With the improvement of technical level, the price of domestic instruments and equipment should be properly increased, and the profit space should be increased so that enterprises can have enough funds to improve the manufacturing level. We should encourage the introduction, digestion, absorption of foreign key technologies, joint venture production and gradual localization of advanced monitoring instruments with advanced technology abroad. We should strengthen the supervision and management of environmental monitoring instruments, establish and improve the marketization mechanism and qualification certification system of environmental automatic monitoring system, and eliminate the negative effects caused by the chaos of the operation market.
Timely improve the development plan and technical policy of environmental monitoring instruments, clarify the development direction of environmental monitoring instruments, guide and standardize the healthy development of environmental monitoring instruments, and avoid the blind obedience of enterprises. It is necessary to establish a number of technical intermediary institutions with good technical basis and authority to detect the technical level and quality of environmental monitoring instruments and publish them to the society. The entry system shall be implemented for special instruments for environmental monitoring for law enforcement monitoring.
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