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Latest News

The difference between linear and nonlinear in high and low temperature test chamber

When you use a high and low temperature test chamber for product testing,it  will involve temperature rapid rise or drop, From the point of view of the temperature rising (falling ) velocity, there is a difference between linear and nonlinear. But many users can not distinguish between linear and nonlinear of high and low temperature test chamber.

The performance of linear and nonlinear is the same, and the temperature range can be realized in -70~180℃. The difference between them should be that the equipment‘s temperature rise and fall and rate, are carried out at a fast rate, but when the temp. is going to reach the setting value, it will slow down the cooling rate, prolonging the cooling time in the studio.

Nonlinear refers to the fact that in the operation of a high and low temperature climatic chamber, its heating rate and cooling rate are constant for a certain period of time. In the same way, the cooling rate is the same. In short, the rise and fall temperature can only be a few degrees every 5 minutes, will not change.
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Linear should first set a temperature rise and fall rate in a performance range, and then the test will be carried out at a constant speed according to the set temperature rise and fall rate, and can be maintained for a period of time when it reaches high or low temperature. The temperature rate of the equipment mainly depends on the performance of the equipment purchased by the user. The equipment produced by some manufacturers may not meet the needs of the users.

The above distinction between high and low temperature test chamber linearity and nonlinearity is shared here

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