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Latest News

The price level of the temperature and humidity test chamber

The price level of the temperature and humidity test chamber has been explained to you a lot before, if you have anything not clear,you can go to see the previous article,today we from another aspect talk to you. Now our temperature and humidity test chamber is divided into two types, they are designed according to European standard and national standard, the use of accessories for this two standard is quite different. For example, the accessories of the national standard test chamber are mostly owned by imported brands, for example, the compressor adopts the tecumseh compressor of the France, and some small parts may adopt the domestic brand, for example, the seal strip. Insulation cotton is made in China. And European standard test chamber, whether compressor or some of the accessories are from imported brands. And it can be said that the selected brands are basically good in this industry, this can ensure that the equipment failure frequency is again reduced.

Climatest Symor will also tell you that if you do not know the basic maintenance knowledge of the equipment, even if the quality is very good,it will become problematic. Because the service life of the equipment is caused not only by quality, but also by usual operation and maintenance.
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