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Latest News

Thermal shock chamber related maintenance

Thermal shock chambers can test material structure by detecting chemical changes or physical damage caused by thermal expansion and contraction in the shortest time through continuous environment at very high temperature and very low temperature.

Thermal shock chamber related maintenance:

1. Thermal shock chamber should be fixed to clean the condenser every 3 months: for the refrigeration system using air-cooled cooling, the condenser should be regularly overhauled, and the condenser should be decontaminated to ensure its good ventilation and heat transfer performance; for the refrigeration system using water-cooled cooling, in addition to ensuring its influent pressure, influent temperature within the specified range, it must also ensure the corresponding flow rate, and regularly clean and scale the condenser to obtain its continuous heat transfer performance.

2.Thermal shock chamber for a long time to do low temperature, as a cycle, should set the temperature of 110 degrees, small open box door for two hours defrosting treatment. At the same time, after each test, the temperature should be set near the ambient temperature, work for about 30 minutes, then cut off the power supply, and clean the inner wall of the studio.

3.Thermal shock chamber should be cleaned regularly: because the cleanliness grade of the sample is different, under the action of forced wind circulation, the evaporator will condense a lot of small particles such as dust, which should be cleaned regularly. Low temperature test box circulating air blade, condenser fan cleaning and balance: similar to the cleaning evaporator, because the working environment of the test box is different, the circulating air blade, condenser fan will condense dust and other small particle objects, should be cleaned regularly.

4. Thermal shock chamber waterway, humidifier cleaning: if the waterway is not smooth, humidifier scaling is easy to lead to humidifier dry burning, may damage humidifier, so must be cleaned regularly waterway, humidifier.

5. If the equipment of the thermal shock chamber needs to be relocated,it s/b under the guidance of the technical personnel of the company, so as not to cause damage to the equipment. If the customer moves on his own, he must have an electrician who confirms that the circuit is correct and then starts up. Otherwise, the equipment related components will be burned out.

6. If the thermal shock chamber is used for a long time, and shall be electrified regularly every half month for a period of not less than 1 hour, and the operation of the relevant parts of the equipment shall be tested

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