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Latest News

UV aging test chamber

I. Working principle
The UV aging test chamber test material or the finished product aging resistant performance in the outdoor sunlight,It consists of  five functions,that are UV light, high temperature, humidity, condensation and spraying. 

II.Test method in the testing process
The test standard of the tower type UV ultraviolet aging chamber requires that the distance between the test sample and the light source is 55mm, the test sample pieces are standardized and the size is 75 * 150, If the sample is irregular and cannot be cut, how can it be tested? The box type UV aging test chamber is designed according to the needs of the market, the box type sample can be various shapes, the standard sample piece is not required, the box type test method is that the product is directly placed on the shelves, the shelves can be adjusted up and down, so various samples can be tested,
With this kind of instrument, the test is convenient and fast, and there is no limitation. to make a difference The box type UV aging test box is so good, is it possible to phase out the tower type? this is to discuss the difference between the box type and the tower type, The box-type also has an disadvantage, that is, it is not possible to test the condensation, so you need to be careful during selection.

The above is the difference between the box-type and tower-type of the UV aging test chamber. If you still don‘t understand, please feel free to email us
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