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Latest News

What affects the temperature uniformity of high low temperature test chamber?

The temperature value of each point inside temperature test chamber is different. What affects the temperature uniformity of temperature test chamber? this problem occurs when some customers operate the machine,how to understand and solve this problem?

Cimatest after-sale team summarizes reasons after accumulating many years of maintenance experience,and list as follow:
1.The test specimen volume is too large. If the test specimen volume is too large,it will afftect the air circulation inside working chamber, which causes temperature uniformity deviation. the specimen volume cannot exceed 1/3 of the working chamber according to the standard.
2.The test sample is with load, If the test specimen is loaded, the load condition shall be explained with the manufacturer in advance. Otherwise, there will be a great impact on the subsequent tests.

3.The location of the test specimen is incorrect. If the test specimen is not placed correctly, the air convection is blocked, resulting in a large temperature deviation,it must not be placed at the tuyere.

4: The test chamber has poor sealing performance. For example, the gate is leaking, which is one of the most important factors that affect the temperature of the test chamber.
5. Unreasonable structure design,which has a large influence on the temperature uniformity,the best structure should be that it is easy to achieve the temperature uniformity at  the left and right of the working room,heating and cooling system should be at backside, and the upper side air is blown back to the lower side, and the convection is forced.

The temperature uniformity is the most basic and most important factor for evaluating a high and low temperature test chamber, the temperature uniformity specified in the national standard is about ±2 ℃,customers should consider this factor when select this equipment.
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