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Latest News

What are the methods for semiconductor packaging? 2/2

What are the methods for semiconductor packaging? Follow us today to know more:


That is land grid array abbreviation, called contact display package, is named for making array state electrode contacts on the bottom. Mainly used in high-speed logic LSI circuit. The characteristic is that the smaller package can accommodate more input and output pins, and the impedance of the lead is small. But because its cost is higher and socket production is more complex, so now use less. But with the progress of manufacturing technology, the market of this packaging form will increase.

2H-(with heat sink)

The H is used to indicate the mark with the radiator, for example HSOP, the SOP, package with the radiator is generally better.


Spherical contact display, is one of the surface mount packaging forms. Because it makes spherical convex points on the back of the printed substrate to replace the pin, assembles the LSI chip on the front of the printed substrate, and then seals it by moulding resin or filling method, which is also called the land display carrier. A multi-pin LSI package with pins exceeding 200.

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