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Latest News

What is industrial oven?


The industrial oven is composed of cold rolled steel and stainless steel, in addition, the body is strengthened, the exterior surface is power coating, the insulation part is filled with aluminum silicate fiber to form a reliable insulation layer. The industrial oven is widely used to dry/bake/cure all kinds of industrial materials and is a general drying equipment.

Working principle

The temperature is controlled by the connection between the digital display controller and the temperature sensor. The hot air circulation system is divided into horizontal type and vertical type. By accurate calculation, the air source is driven by the operation of the air supply motor to drive the air fan through the electric heater, send the hot air to the air duct and enter the oven studio, and the air suction duct after use is used as the air source for recycling and heating. This can effectively improve temperature uniformity. If the oven door is switched in use, the air supply circulation system can quickly restore the operating state temperature value.

Oven structure

The industrial oven is an inside and outside double layer structure, the shell is cold rolled steel or SS304, the inside and outside double layer shell is filled with fiber material. The fiber material used in industrial oven is mostly aluminum silicate, which can play the role of heat preservation and form a reliable insulation layer. Industrial ovens are equipped with hot air circulation system and temperature measurement and control system.

When the industrial oven is working, the operator obtains the temperature value inside the industrial oven through the instrument and temperature sensor, and operates through the control system. Compared with the common heat dissipation heating mode, the hot air circulation heating mode of industrial oven has better gas fluidity and can speed up the drying speed of materials in industrial oven.

The hot air circulation system of industrial oven is composed of air supply motor, air wheel and electric heater. The air supply motor drives the air wheel to send out the cold air, and the cold air passes through the heating equipment to carry the heat energy and enters the oven studio of the industrial oven through the air duct.

The hot air circulation system of industrial oven is helpful to improve the uniformity of air temperature. In the process of transporting materials from the switch box door of industrial oven, the temperature value will be changed. The uniformity of hot air circulation system is beneficial to restore the temperature value of working state in fast speed.

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