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Latest News

What is the difficulty of chip design? 2/2

It is said that everything is difficult at the beginning, so is chip manufacturing the same, but the beginning is difficult, and after solving the beginning of chip design, everything goes well? Not really. After facing the initial difficulty, every step of chip manufacturing has its own difficulties.

For example, the second step of the chip manufacturing process chip verification. After determining the need to solve the design problem, it is how to avoid the errors in the realization of chip hardware and software function by means of verification before chip manufacturing. It is a more accurate, reliable and in line with the original planned chip specifications. So as to promote the chip market as soon as possible, reduce chip production costs. When it comes to verification, it may be thought that this is after the chip design is completed. In fact, it is a necessary behavior interspersed in every link of the design. It can be subdivided into system level verification, hardware logic function verification, mixed signal verification, software function verification, timing verification and so on. The third difficulty is difficult in the flow sheet, that is, trial production. Flow chip refers to the design of the verified chip to the factory small batch production for testing and trial, this level is now very mature, basically no technical difficulty. But he needs a lot of money, every flow will consume a lot of money, and once there is a problem in the trial or testing process, a batch of chips will be wasted, to re-flow, but the flow will not succeed at one time. There is a problem to be reformed, no problem to be optimized, in short, most of the need for secondary chips, which chip manufacturers of high financial strength requirements. Chip production of course there are other difficulties, again do not repeat one by one. But only from the introduction of these three difficulties chip production to the manufacturer‘s high requirements can be seen.

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