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Latest News

What is the walkin temperature humidity test chamber structural characteristics?

We will meet many difficulities on our way of life, but do you know when you move away the stumbling blocks under the others‘ feet,meanwhile,you also pave the way for yourselves?
Today we gives you a brief introduction to the structure of the Climatest Symor® walk-in temperature and humidity test chamber.

1, the temperature and humidity test chambers adopts the combined plates structure,which can be conveniently assembled at the buyer‘s site.
2. The interior wall material of the chamber is made by reinforced SUS304 stainless steel plate, the exterior wall material is high quality cold-rolled steel plate, the exterior surface electrostatic coating color is light gray white, the middle is 100mm polyurethane foam and glass fiber cotton insulation layer.
3. The floor of the chamber working room shall be a non-skid pattern steel plate anti-slip slope, so that the cart shall be able to enter and exit the workshop conveniently in the course of use, and explosion-proof lighting can be installed at the top of working room according to the customer‘s request. There is one cable outlet hole on each side (sealed when not used).
4, The walk-in temperature and humidity test chamber is equipped with with double door structure with internal and external handles.
5. The structure of walk-in test chamber should be reasonable, the manufacturing process s/b excellent, the inner and outer appearance s/b beautiful, the stainless steel plate and electrostatic spraying surface s/b smooth and without bumping and scratching and so on.

These are the structural characteristics of the walk-in temperature and humidity test chamber, if you want to learn more about the equipment, sustainable attention to this website.

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